We are pleased to introduce our Company as a result of 30 years of experience and advanced technology.
We started up in the early 70ties as a Handycraft Company, mainly concentrating on wire and tube processings.
Further on in the yeas by means of considerable investments we have been moving on to a automatized structure in the field of the metallic wire. At the beginning as tertiary, but in this last period, thanks to the experience acquired in the Kitchen-house fittings and complementary ornament sector, we have been developing and introducing our own products into the market.

All this has mainly been due to the continuous evolution of our Company, internally equipping our selves with all necessary and sophisticated outfits which are enabling us to carry out the different working steps of the products, starting from progets/realization, production, assembling, packing and shipment of the articles.

Pages you are finding on our web-site are continuously up-dated with new designed articles, so as to satisfy the ever searching new tendency marker.

The main aim of our Company "Menti Metal Meccanica s.n.c." is to experiment and develop always new solutions in order to obtain in the long run results which are constantly satisfying your demands and needs.


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