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We perform the completion work such as moulding and other processes.

In order to deliver the finished products to the customer, we have equipped ourselves with various machines that allow completion work such as flattening, drilling, deburring, deformation and many others.

We have 16 presses, hydraulic, eccentric and press-bending, with a maximum power of 100 tons; 3 of these are equipped with automatic feed and enable producing straps and other details directly from coils.

We deliver the parts complete with surface treatment such as galvanising, chrome plating, zinc nickel, cataphoresis, epoxy painting and other antique finishes. We are equipped to prepare packaging suitable for retail sale, labelled with respective barcode.

100 ton eccentric press

Other processing and customer services

Packaging suitable for every need

Multiple drilling operations on already bent parts

Moulding and other processes

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