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The extra-long arm allows bending large parts up to Ø14.

The bending process can start from a coil or a pre-cut bar. Currently, three numerically controlled bending machines are installed in the department, which automatically straighten, bend, cut and chamfer the ends.

The advanced technology enables making both flat and three-dimensional bends with continuous variation of the radius. With the same process, we can bend tubes and strips even with the help of internal presses.

The dedicated software loads the CAD drawing directly into the machine so as to program the processing faster with an evident streamlining of the process.

Robot handler

When the machine has bended the part, the robot picks it up to perform other operations such as moulding, threading, drilling, and at the same time the machine starts to bend another part.

The advanced technology allows us to bend square, hexagon and flat profiles.

We also have four pre-cut bar benders, which are more suitable for symmetrical bends or very large frames, or whenever there is a need to bend parts with previously machined ends.

Productivity is guaranteed by loaders or versatile robots that make the cycle completely automatic and therefore optimal even for large production batches.

The multiple bending solutions mean we always use the most suitable solution for each part to be produced.

From the beginning of 2020, our pre-cut bar bending range has been expanded. Now we can bend rounds up to Ø25 mm, or other forms of equivalent section.

Round Ø20

CNC bending line with internal press

Three-dimensional CNC bending with robotized loading and unloading

Automatic production of large batches


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