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  • Threading performed with the rolling process with robotized loading and unloading


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We carry out 2 types of threading operations: removal and rolling.

Removal threading entails removing the material using special units that open once the thread has been completed, so as to speed up the processing. Normally this type of operation is used when the unworked part and the thread must have the same diameter.

Rolling threading involves the rotary movement of special rollers that transfer their impression to the finished part, therefore other processes can also be performed such as grooves or knurls.

Threaded parts by chip removal and rolling, even on bent parts

We can also carry out the work on already bent parts.

The starting diameter is smaller than the final profile, it is a faster process and a better result is obtained in terms of appearance and mechanical strength. Rolling can be performed both with manual systems and with the help of robots that make the cycle completely automatic.

We also have automatic rotary rolling solutions, which simultaneously work multiple parts and are therefore ideal for large production batches. We can also work on already bent parts. The parts obtained are tie rods, studs, jumpers, anchor bolts and other special parts.

Automatic threading performed with the rotary rolling process


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